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Indy Newsgroups

Please use the appropriate groups

Please post Indy questions only in atozedsoftware.indy.* and not in the other groups! It should be obvious that .announce, .intraweb and other are not Indy forums however some users insist on irritating other users if their question is not answered in the Indy forums. Indy questions posted in non Indy forums will not be answered and may result your being banned from the server.

Peer Support

Please note that these are peer support forums. Atozed Software provides these forums for Indy users to congregate and discuss Indy, but they are not monitored by Atozed employees.

Accessing the Groups

The Indy news groups are atozedsoftware.indy.*.

  • Newsgroups - Atozed Software hosts free peer support Indy Newsgroups. NNTP or Web interface.
  • Web Forums - These web forums are separate and not synchronized with the above newsgroups.